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Our stores

  • PjilipsDTK


  • Trefcel (WA) LTD

    Trefcel (WA) LTD

  • Tooshmehenri


  • Le daisies makeover

    Le daisies makeover

  • Amaphil Collections Ltd

    Amaphil Collections Ltd

  • Total-eShop


  • Shavinnah livelihood african wears

    Shavinnah livelihood african wears

  • Go petinvest

    Go petinvest

  • Pickwise


  • Brand Ocean

    Brand Ocean

  • Roa Shop

    Roa Shop

  • House of Merola

    House of Merola

  • Kookbag


  • Simply Sweet

    Simply Sweet

  • Oyingbo Market

    Oyingbo Market

  • Shoes by Nkem

    Shoes by Nkem

  • Fuzeb Ventures

    Fuzeb Ventures

  • Stanzo3 Collections

    Stanzo3 Collections

Customer testimonials



I took the 30-day free trial, and it was easy for me to make my own store. I was also impressed by the advice they gave me when I wasn’t sure what to do, and the different prices for the plans mean that they can be adjusted to your needs.

Mari José

Jamones Abuxarra

It is easy, secure for the buyer, stable and reliable. The platform really is very easy to use for people like me who are not very experienced with computers. I like the flexibility to change my payment plan according to my needs.



If you are a novice and are starting your project on a shoestring, Openshopen is ideal for setting up a reliable, quality store in a short time. I like the plans they make available, how flexible they are and how easy it is for me to change them. Their customer service is really outstanding.


Para Mamá

It was easy to decide to start my Online Store with Openshopen once I had had a taste of other options. It’s very user-friendly, and you don’t need to be a computer programmer. The templates are nice enough, and the tech support is immediate whenever you have a question. The price is well within reach and there are easy ways to pay.